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Our Strong Points:


At Kimberley Grain customers deal directly with the traders and directors. Customer service is of paramount importance to us. We are in direct contact with the farmers as well as study groups in the various areas. This allow us to render an excellent customer service!

As Kimberley Grain is responsible for transporting their products to the customers, there is a close collaboration with transportation in all.

Fast, reliable service is the key to success, and that's why we build good long term relationships.

Competitive Prices:

Kimberley grain  has direct contact with all the major trading companies, including wheat and maize mills that we supply with wheat and maize and they supply us again with bran and chop.

We are also situated between all the wheat, maize, popcorn, beans, and lucerne farmers that promises the best quality and price to be delivered!


With years of experience and knowledge, we always keep quality no. 1 priority.